Is it worthy of installing a Tesla Powerwall with solar?

Tesla Powerwall

With the hike in energy prices and drop in solar prices, solar panel installation has boomed to around 2.7 million in Australia.

Solar panel technology is one of the greatest developments of this century. The panels generate electricity, thus making the house independent of the grid during the daytime.

During the night and when the power production is less or nil due to poor weather conditions, one has to depend on the grid for power.

To be fully energy independent, one needs to add a solar battery to their solar system. It reduces the dependence on the grid and powers the house even during power outages and blackouts.

Advantages of Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall is a rechargeable battery designed to work in conjunction with solar panels for home use. With a solar battery like Powerwall, one can enjoy energy independence.

Tesla Powerwall enables solar consumers to store the produced energy on their own. They don’t have to deal with power companies and their net metering antics.

It helps one to achieve their home energy goals.  Certainly, it extends the use of solar energy into night, thereby doubling the amount of energy one can use from solar panels.

Tesla Powerwall Perth has a storage capacity of 13.5 kWh, a continuous power output of up to 9.6 kW, and three operating modes: Solar Self-Consumption, Backup Only, and Time-Based Control Mode.

Tesla Powerwall Perth helps in the reduction of monthly energy bill significantly as very less or no electricity is used from the grid. When used in conjunction with load-shifting, one can reduce energy costs further.

Solar installation alone is not enough to minimize one’s carbon footprint. One will have to pull energy from the grid during the night and at times when the panels are non-productive. That means one is depending on non-renewable sources for power.

There is no dependence on non-renewable energy sources when a solar system is paired with Tesla Powerwall. Certainly, It reduces the carbon footprint, therefore less pollution, and a green environment.

Most importantly, Tesla Powerwall protects the home even at times of disaster. It will snap on within seconds from any grid outage and keep the home powered. With its energy capacity of 13.5KWh, the Powerwall can sustain a home in an instance of a power outage.

Worthy Investment

Tesla Powerwall Perth is a worthy investment as it helps many cases. For instance, to reduce electricity bills, avoid power outages, blackouts, and reduce the environmental impact.

Without a solar battery, the excess energy is sent back to the grid. The owner receives a feed-in tariff for it. But the feed-in-tariff received by the owner is very less compared to the price at which the owner has to buy back power from the grid at times when the panels are non-producing.

Tesla Powerwall Perth provides a complete battery backup system that allows one to keep all the energy produced by the panels. It allows one to avoid the surging electric rates and peak charges. Even when panels are not producing, Powerwall runs the house on the excess energy stored in it.

Powerwall installation comes with a complete energy monitoring solution for homes. One can even shift between different modes such as self-powered, back-up only, and load-shifting.

Tesla app enables one to monitor home energy systems in real-time. For example,  the production and usage of energy at a particular time can be monitored. That is to say, one has full control over the energy.

Advantages Tesla has over other solar batteries are that they are smaller, lighter, require less maintenance, and moreover, have a longer life.

Its design is minimalistic, sleek, and beautiful. It is wall-mounted, with a clean design and smooth surface. It is weatherproof, therefore you can install it outside of the house.

Most importantly, Powerwall doesn’t have any exposed wiring or external heat vents. Unlike many traditional battery solutions, Powerwall is pet and child-friendly.

Tesla Powerwall Capacity

Tesla Powerwall 2 has a storage capacity of a whopping 13.5 kWh. It also has a greater power output capability of 7kW peak and 5kW continuous. The battery has a 90% round-trip efficiency. The current Powerwall uses lithium NMC battery cells.

Tesla recommends just one Powerwall for those who live in smaller, more energy-efficient households. Those living in larger households with higher energy needs, can combine up to 10 Powerwalls, which would provide an enormous 135kWh storage.

An average payback period is between 8-10 years. Powerwall has a 10-year warranty. Tesla guarantees that every Powerwall will retain 80% of its capacity over 10 years. Life of Powerwall battery depends on the operating mode chosen by the users.

Tesla Powerwall Installation

One can buy Powerwall from Tesla’s website or from a Tesla-certified installer. These professional installers adhere to strict quality, permitting, and inspection requirements.

A Tesla certified Installer of the locality can help one in buying and setting up their Powerwall.

Whether Tesla’s Powerwall is worth investment depends on individual home and its requirements.

In areas where homes are more frequently prone to power outages and blackouts having a Powerwall is an excellent option to keep the lights on.  It acts as a daily complement to a solar household by providing power at night when the sun isn’t shining.

The worthiness of having Tesla’s Powerwall is evident in the way in which it aids a household’s existing energy setup, its specific needs, and requirements.

Just like any other game-changing tech, Powerwall is expensive. It costs around $12,000. However, it can help in savings, thereby lowering its true cost over time. In some areas battery incentives are available to help lower the cost of installation.

Tesla Powerwall is a great home energy storage solution with some incredible features. Above all, the very brand name Tesla suggests that the battery is going to work great.

The Tesla Powerwall has some of the best technical specifications and impressive smart monitoring in the solar battery game. With the increase in widespread power outages, there has been a spike in Powerwall demand.

By increasing efficiency, self-sufficiency, and energy savings for many homeowners, Tesla Powerwall is a key development in the race for renewable energy. Certainly, It is step in the right direction towards changing the home solar power industry.


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