Jinko Solar New Solar Cell Record and Tiger Pro Series

Jinko Tiger Pro Series

Jinko Solar is one of the largest solar cell manufacturers globally. They serve over 100 countries and possesses a vertically integrated solar product chain with an annual capacity of 16GW of solar modules.  Their R&D investment has consistently increased over the past decade. As of July 2020, they posted another word record in the form of 24.79% efficiency (energy conversion rate) for N-type mono solar cells.

The previous world record in this category is 24.2% (also belonged to Jinko Solar). The increase might not seem considerable. However, such incremental increases in panel efficiency and capacity have contributed largely to the consistent plunge in module cost for the consumers. As reported by Renew Economy, Jinko has implemented an array of state-of-art technologies like surface passivation, advanced anti-reflection and passivating contact to achieve the new record. The company claims that these higher conversion efficiency would trickle down to their active product line in the near future.

Jinko Solar Image Credit: Renew Economy

In May this year, the company has also launched their new premium Tiger Pro series of solar panels. It features upto 585W, 21.4% efficiency, zero inter-cell gap and lower resistance loss (multi busbar tech). The panels also have a product warranty of 30 years – one of the highest in the industry. The Tiger Pro series comes as Monofacial (with half-cells) and Bifacial module types. More information on the available models can be found here. It is also the first module type to receive the IEC 61701 Ed.3 (FDIS) certification for resistance to corrosion from salt mist in offshore and coastal regions.

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