Printed Solar Panels and Solar Power Wagin

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In this week’s update we have some exciting news coming from across the globe and Western Australia. We will be going through the ground breaking innovation of printed solar panels and one of Regen Power’s custom designed hybrid solar power system in Wagin.

Printed Solar Panels

As cheap as $10 per square metre, these printed solar panels are made using an electronic ink onto laminated paper using conventional printing methods. This technology was developed by research team at University of Newcastle (UoN) lead by Professor Paul Dastoor; and is currently being tested in a large scale demonstration site. This technology was being researched by UoN since the past 15 years and it might just become a reality, revolutionising the general public households and saving the world. In addition to producing energy similar to a solar panel, it is more sensitive to light than the latter.

Kilometers of sheets or these printed solar panels can be produced using this technology per day which may provide power supply to thousands of homes and also generate new revenue to the printing industry. Printed solar can support the part of the world which does not have electricity till today. Professor Dastoor suggests that these printed solar panels may be owned, and maintained by a service provider, and customers may choose service plans based on their requirements, much like television providers. Global Logistics solutions company, CHEP, has already decided to collaborate with UoN to make this technology a sustainable business model.

printed solar panels


Energy Efficient Architecture

Netherlands is a country with an unpredictable climate and for them to be energy-efficient is a challenge. However, local architects have taken up the task of creating aesthetic and energy-efficient homes. One such firm, Joris Verhoeven Architectuur has created “Positive Energy House” in Sterksel.It produces enough energy to sustain itself efficiently. Some of its striking features are sophisticated-looking grey brick insulation, a slanted south oriented roof to maximize solar power output, and an air-water heat pump.

This design maximizes the light and allows natural heating, making this a nearly perfect design for a Dutch lifestyle. Thus it is one of the best examples of energy efficient architecture.

Solar Power Wagin

Wagin is a small town located south of Western Australia, about 220 kilometers from Perth. Regen Power designed an upgrade for a solar/wind residential hybrid system for Brad Flett living on a farm near Wagin, Western Australia. The upgraded system consists of:

  1. 2kW wind generator,
  2. 2.1kW solar system and
  3. 24V lead acid batteries ( 3 banks of 4*6V, 210Ah )

Brad is able to power his home appliances without running the generator . The system is able to generate an average of 15kWh per day.



Source: Transcontinental, Inhabitat & Regen Power

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