Solar battery Vs generator

Solar battery Vs generator

Home batteries and gas-powered generators are the two commonly used power backup solutions. Power cuts are common because of the increasing burden on the grid and anticipated natural calamities. To keep our life going we need power. We are so dependent on the power that without power we are like fish out of water.

Fuel-powered generators were the traditional style of power backup. Recently home batteries are more popular. Home batteries have few advantages over generators and they are:


Solar batteries offer long-lasting power. A battery connected to a solar energy system can continue to recharge the battery as long as the sun continues to rise in the morning. A battery provides approximately 8 to 12 hours of backup power, without additional fuel costs or pollution. Gas-powered generators usually run on natural gas or gasoline. Once the fuel is over, it has to be re-filled in for further power generation.  Homeowners have to store cans of gasoline for refueling.


The running of a solar battery is very easy compared to a generator.  The battery gets recharged from the solar energy system and when the power goes it turns on and powers the circuit on its own. For a generator, they need to stock up excess gas for fueling. We need to be on a constant watch to refill it and one has to run extension cords to power appliances within the home.

Environmental factors

A gas-powered generator is not environmentally equipment.  It releases exhaust fumes, carbon dioxide, and other pollutants.  One major advantage of a battery backup system is that it operates quietly and doesn’t burn any fuel, unlike a conventional gas-powered generator. It is a win for the environment and for the air quality around us. Batteries are quiet, they make about as much noise as a refrigerator, whereas generators are as loud as a vacuum cleaner.

Compared to Diesel, propane and natural gas-powered generators, home batteries are very expensive, it is almost thrice the price of a generator. Upfront costs for backup batteries are high, but lifetime savings can offset the upfront payment. When paired with solar, one can actually save money on their electric bills. Morevoer batteries offer clean, quiet power that is not possible with a conventional generator.

Now, an increasing number of people are considering newer, cleaner battery options like the Tesla Powerwall.  Regen Power is a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer. We offer a customized solar-plus-battery solution that enables one to harness the abundant power of the sun with zero dependence on fossil fuels. Installing Powerwall with Regen is easy. We take care of everything from system design, permitting, installation, financing, and customer service.

Foreseeing the upcoming market scenario of home batteries in the solar power business, Regen has undertaken demo projects in urban and rural areas. Tesla Powerwall allows Regen to provide premium range batteries at an affordable price for their clients.

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