Solar panel performance in cold weather

Solar panel performance in cold weather

Solar is a reliable, cost-effective way to power your home. Solar panels produce energy not from the sun’s heat but from the sun’s light. The solar system can produce energy even during winter. When photon particles of the sunray hit the solar panel’s photovoltaic cells, electrons in the silicon are put into motion. This motion directly converts into an electric current. This current is sent to your home’s electric distribution box to power your essential items. And, with a solar storage battery, it can light your nights.

Solar power protects you and your home from winter conditions. Power production will be increased during the cold temperature and it can be stored for future use. On a cold, clear day, there is as much sunlight as the day is long.

Solar panels and snow

Whether solar panels will produce electricity at the time of snow is a matter of great concern. The truth is it can generate electricity even when covered with snow. Sunlight that reaches solar panels through the snow will produce energy. On clear days, a carpet of snow reflects light like a mirror. This enables the panels to produce more electricity.

There are some features that enable the efficient functioning of solar panels during the time of snow.

  • Solar panels’ dark glass accelerates snow’s ability to melt and slide off before it hampers performance.
  • the installation racks are typically tilted up at 30 to 45 degrees, which prevents snow from accumulating.

Solar power is as reliable as the sun. While snow may reduce sunlight penetration, it doesn’t necessarily prevent solar panels from working. Sunlight can still navigate through snow and reach the panels to produce more electricity than anticipated.

Panel maintenance in cold weather

Snow is usually light and fluffy. The wet snow that doesn’t slide off the panels, has to be removed either professionally or using roof jake. An added advantage is that snow will clean off any dust that may have accumulated on the panels.

Solar panels and rain

Though Solar panels are more productive in direct sunlight, they use even diffused or indirect sunlight (radiation) to generate energy. Panels continue to work in rain, though energy production would be less. Rain even helps wash away dust on panels to keep them operating efficiently. Adding battery storage to your solar power system enables one to use stored energy during less productive periods like rainy days, instead of sending it to the grid through net metering.

Whatever be the weather cold, hot, wet, windy solar power is a reliable and resilient energy source. Hence one need not hesitate to go for solar. At Regen Power, we have customized solar plus battery solutions.  Based on your power needs we can help you choose the one that best suits you. Once you decide to proceed with us, you are just 5 steps away from your solar dreams – consultation, product selection, utility approval, installation, Interconnection.

We have a no compulsion, no pressure policy. We are well-reputed for the service offered before and after purchase. At each and every stage you will be guided by our well-qualified staff. The level of knowledge of our sales and technical team are of the highest caliber. Our support team can help you pacify any of your queries about the system. Guaranteed 24/7 local support. We do the filing of all paperwork and documentation required. Going solar with Regen Power will be just a cakewalk for you.

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