49.5 MW Solar Farm project at QUANG TRI, VIETNAM

Vietnam Solar Farm

Regen PowerTeam Sustain JV has successfully completed its Scope of Work as agreed in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction Oversight Services Agreement for the 49.5MW Solar Farm project at Gio Linh, Gio Thanh Dist., Quang Tri Prov., Vietnam.

The plant has a total capacity of 49.5 Megawatts and a predicted average generation of 67,960 Megawatt hours per year. The power purchase agreement for the QT Solar Power Plant was executed on Oct 23, 2018.  The feed-in-tariff to sell electricity to Vietnam Electricity (EVN) was US$0.0935 (VND2,086)/kWh, excluding value added tax (VAT). The QT Solar Power Plant commenced the works on mid of November 2018 and commercial production started on 24th May, well ahead of the 30 June 2019 deadline.  Regen Power, jointly with Team Sustain Ltd from India, offered Owner’s Engineering Services as well as pre-commissioning of 4520 strings of 30*365-watt panels and String Combiner Boxes.

The Vietnam Government has set a renewable target of 12,000 GW from solar installations. Demand for energy in Vietnam is expected to increase by 10% by 2020. Regen – Team Sustain JV is expecting more international projects in countries like Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Cambodia.


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