What is Smart EV Charger, how it works?

Home EV Charger Installation


The ‘Information Age’ has automated and revolutionised how we behave and communicate. For instance, Smart EV chargers and EVs share essential information with each other that helps in monitoring, controlling, and restricting the power station remotely.

This breakthrough tech can actually help in EV Charger Installation in Australia in remote places. Smart EV chargers are bedecked with cloud and IoT solutions that collect real-time data such as the amount of power used by the EV, the rate of charging, total money to be charged, time is taken to charge, etc., and reflect it to the consumer and station owner. Therefore, it benefits both businesses and individuals.

How many solar panels are required to support EV Charging?

To truly comprehend the relationship between solar panels and EV charging, we need to understand how many units of electricity an EV will use to get fully charged. This is measured in kWh/Km instead of Kmpl where kWh equals 1 unit of energy. If an EV can go 6 Km from 1 unit, it can go 60 Km in 10 units which is equivalent to 10 kWh. So, we will need at least 3 kWh of solar panels.

When the non-renewable source of energy is not going to last long, it has become imperative to find answers in renewables such as solar power.

 Top EV Chargers in Australia

Tesla Wall Connector

Tesla Wall Connector is made specifically for Tesla vehicles. A Tesla Wall Connector doesn’t work with any other EVs, so if you trade in your Tesla for another EV or add a different make and model EV down the road, you’ll need to purchase a third-party adapter or a different home EV charger. Tesla Wall Connector and Installation will cost you around AUD1500

SolarEdge EV Charging

The SolarEdge EV Charging Single Phase Inverter is the first inverter that also includes an integrated EV charging system. There is no separate installation required for EV charging stations because solarEdge Inverter has an integrated EV Charging system.

Delta AC MAX

Delta AC MAX is a smart AC Charger supporting a maximum of 22kW output and a global charging interface. With IP55/IK 10 and a compact design, AC MAX provides high adaptability to outdoor and space-limited sites. By supporting ISO 15118, network connectivity, and compatibility with OCPP, AC MAX reserves the interoperability for system integration and can be an ideal solution for commercial and residential charging sites.





































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