Why Choosing a Local Solar Installer Is Important?

local solar installer

Are you planning to install a solar system? Unsure whether you need a national or local solar installer to take care of your needs? It is recommended to opt local solar installer with the necessary certifications from a reputed solar company to perform the work. Local installers are less expensive than bigger national solar companies. Meaning, you can get quality solar installation at a price lower than a national one. Considering quality and reliability aspects, relying on a local company in Perth would be the aptest option. So that you can experience the best value for money and amazing benefits. Let’s discuss the benefits of hiring a local solar company.         

Easy home visits for customized and quality solutions for your home

A local solar installer Perth will visit your home to fully evaluate your property before installation. They consider factors such as

  • A meter board upgrading
  • Checking the size of the mains cable to ensure that it supports solar
  • Determining the layout for the panels by analyzing obstacles, potential shading
  • How to install the guard rail for solar, etc.

If these factors aren’t measured, it can make a huge difference in the electricity bills. Home visits will allow you to meet the installer face-to-face. This will give you the opportunity to discuss your concerns and get a customised solution. National solar installers have crews hired only temporarily. This means that you will not be able to reach them when you need and you could be waiting for help. A local solar installer in Perth cares for people’s opinions and they go the extra mile to make customers satisfied.

Helps with local rebates and energy incentives

A local diversified company will have knowledge on solar incentives and rebates schemes offered by the Australian government. The financial incentive is available when you buy solar. The government calls it STC- Small-scale Technology Certificates for residential solar, and is known as ‘solar rebate’. These STCs have a cash value. The value depends on the size of your solar system, the area you live in, and the current market value of STC. A local solar installer in Perth will determine your eligibility and help you with the necessary documentation to avail this scheme.

Local solar companies will know about the brand’s longevity based on your area. They are also aware of which local electricity retailer pays the highest feed-in tariff. In this way, you will be updated on the most recent rates.

Don’t be lured by greedy sales tactics and cheap prices, who later disappear with your money. LG reports that many solar companies have gone into liquidation or stopped trading since 2011. As a result, nearly 2.1 million systems are with useless warranties.

No middleman

For years, the middleman has played a significant role by connecting people and manufacturers. Most of the middlemen can and will hike the prices of products to make profits. Cutting out the middleman can bring down the costs. A local solar company will allow you to have direct contact with producers and ensure no interference of middlemen. Plus, you will know which installation company you’re working with for a complete in-house installation.

Expertise in local constructions

Local solar companies in Perth must have in-depth knowledge and expertise in installation, repairs, and detailed electricity supply rules. Also, installers are expected to have expertise in the local construction of solar panels, know where to fix the solar system on your roof to receive maximum solar energy. Along with installation, they are likely to handle repairs and services for years to come. Before installing a solar system, technicians would perform a home energy audit to determine energy efficiency measures for your home.

Municipalities differ in building code standards

Local solar companies and local solar installers are most familiar with local electricity supply rules, local solar policies, city regulations, weather conditions, local utility company information, and building codes particular to your area. Regions that are likely to experience strong winds have particular laws. Therefore, a local solar installer would be able to give you the required update on all issues. Compared to a national solar company that serves across the globe, local solar specialists will make going solar easier and safer.

Invest in Your Community

Looking to support small-scale, locally owned businesses will help your community to grow and prosper. A local solar installer would have spent years researching and understanding local rules and regulations, weather changes. They can give insights on experiencing maximum benefits by installing your solar systems. When you buy from independent, local businesses, a significant portion of the money will create jobs. As well as, help low-income groups to have access to renewable energy, promote community welfare. And, finally, strengthen the base of a company.

Are you looking for a ‘solar installer near me? Opt for solar installers that are locally based. Double-check to know if they have a strong reputation for installing affordable and quality solar systems in Perth.

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