5 kW Solar System Perth – More Value for Money

5kW solar system perth

5 kW Solar System – What is it?

5 kw solar system perth

Perth is one of the most geographically suited cities in Australia for residential solar system uptake. Most solar power system installers in the city offers 3,5 and 6 kw of standard solar system packages. A 5 kw pv system that Regen Power offers comes with 20 panels, each at 270 watts;and with a 5 kw inverter. Such a system is capable of generating 24 units on average around the year.This is able to deliver savings at the rate of $4.62/day.More details about savings structure can be read here.

5 kW Solar System Perth – Market Condition

The solar system prices in Perth is one of the lowest in the country. As per SolarChoice, for the month of March 2017, the average price of a 5 kW solar system in Perth is $4,845. This factor, combined with the feed-in tariff of 7 cents/unit makes the purchase of such a system, by default, financially beneficial.

solar system prices in Perth

But the selection of solar power system is not always so simple. With the drop in solar power system prices, only 1000$ separates a 3kW and 5kW solar systems. Therefore – “Is it worthwhile to spend a little extra and choose the 5kW system?”, this becomes the obvious final question to a prospective buyer.

5 kW Solar System Perth – More Value for Money than a 3 kW system?

The answer is relatively simple. In Perth, a 3kW, though sufficient for most homes with an average bi-monthly bill of around $250, is NOT future proof!

First of all, after a couple of years, let us assume that you have to upgrade your rooftop system to meet your growing electricity consumption. Then, you will incur an extra 2000-3000$ for upgrading your 3kW inverter, which will stretch your payback period by another 3 years.

Second, considering the fact that the price of solar batteries is falling like a meteor, every household will be able to afford them within the next 1-2 years. So, if you opt to install a solar battery down the lane, then a 3kW system will not be able to generate the excess energy that your battery can store; this leads to an underperforming battery installation.

So, in conclusion: a 5kW system will be able to ensure that your home is ready for battery pack while meeting your future electricity consumption growth. As a result, your solar system payback period shortens over the next 6-9 years.

How much power does 5kW solar system make in Perth

5kW Rooftop solar system produces 20kWh of energy per day. Power production of any solar system depends upon many other factors including the quality of solar panels, total sun hours, shades, etc. 6.6kW solar system is one of the most selling packages in Perth. 5kW to 6.6kW is more than enough for a family those are using air condition, refrigerator, and other home appliances.

Perth grid buying solar power from residential?

If are using the grid-connected solar system, you can upload extra power to the grid. Your solar system can sometimes produce more electricity than is actually needed or consumed, especially during the long hot summer days.

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