The best options for home battery storage in Australia

home battery storage in Australia

There are lots of international battery storage manufacturers selling their products in Australia. Many companies have come out with battery options that you can use in different spheres, such as industry, household, public amenities, etc. These batteries come in many sizes, based on the usage of the person buying them. We shall now read about some of the best battery storage in Australia.

Tesla Powerwall 

Tesla has a highly effective option for solar batteries. It is compatible to fit into any grid. The size of the Tesla Powerwall, which is one of the most famous batteries in Australia, is 14 kWh, and it comes with a warranty of 10 years.

Tesla Powerwall is an energy storage battery system for residential or small and medium businesses. It’s rechargeable lithium-ion
the battery pack provides energy storage for solar self-consumption, time-based control, and backup.

Tesla Powerwall Storage Battery Cost in Australia:
AUD16000 for fully installed.

Details of Tesla Powerwall Storage Battery

  • Total Energy: 14kWh
  • Usable Energy: 13.5kWh
  • Real Power, max continuous: 5kW (charge and discharge)
  • Apparent Power, max continuous: 5kVA (charge and discharge)
  • Maximum supply Fault Current: 10kA
  • Maximum Output Fault Current: 32A
  • Warranty: 10 Years

Redback Technologies 

Redback technologies is an Australian energy storage company. The modern, all-in-one solution has been designed in Australia and tested to endure the harshest weather conditions. Redback introduced the latest 7kWh Battery.

Redback Storage Battery Cost in Australia:
AUD14000 to AUD 16000 fully installed

Details of Redback Storage Battery 

  • The new battery system offers battery storage
  • Work for your existing solar system
  • 72kWh Battery Storage
  • Indoor or Outdoor Installation
  • Easy Moningoring Apps and Portal
  • Compatible with the most existing solar system

Huawei: It is another technology giant which provides solar battery storage for large households. The size of its battery starts from 5 kWh. It is modular and expandable and comes with a warranty of 10 years.

G Chem: LG comes with a solar battery, which has a capacity of 6.5 kWh. It can also be used in hybrid setups and comes with a modular expansion. LG is currently the largest solar battery provider in Australia, with 50% part in the total solar market of Australia.

Sonnen Hybrid: It is the best battery system in Australia in terms of hybrid systems. It comes with an inverter as well as battery storage. Sonnen battery comes in many sizes, ranging up to 15 kWh. The company provides a 10-year warranty.


Q-Cell is another top energy storage battery for home usage. Q.HOME CORE is the latest integrated solar battery
from the manufacture of Q-Cell solar company. Q-Home Core includes a Q-Save battery and Q-Volt high-performance inverter.

Premium quality Samsung lithium-ion battery, Battery charger

  • Scalable storage capacity from 4kWh up to 18.9kWh to suit the specific energy consumption
  • Modular design for easy and fast installation, remote control operated hybrid system with PV inverter, lithium-ion battery and battery charger.
  • Easy maintenance of the device due to early error detection function, web and mobile monitoring, and a reliable service network.
  • High durability with a 10-year product warranty and a performance to be maintained at least 80% of the initial battery capacity after
    10 years. Very short recharge time and a high discharge depth.
  • High charging cycle strength, deep discharge, and short charging times.
  • Engineered in Germany

Monitoring Energy Storage Remotely

Energy storage companies are providing mobile apps for monitoring and managing energy storage remotely. You can monitor real-time energy flow, regular reports, Notifications, etc. Connect your battery with wifi and start monitoring your energy storage and energy flow.

For how long does energy stay stored in the battery?

Generally, all good companies provide a warranty of up to 10 years with the batteries. Some companies even offer a warranty of 30 years! This means that once purchased, your battery can last for a long time. In order to make sure that your batteries go on for a long time, you need to make sure that the temperature, usage and other factors of the battery are as advised by the company.

How often do solar panel batteries have to be replaced?

Every battery comes with a warranty. If anything happens to the battery during that period, the company is obligated to replace it for free. Generally, a battery needs to be replaced not more than once or twice during the lifespan of your solar panels. But how will you know that your battery needs replacing?

The following indicators can mean that it is about time you replace your solar batteries:

The capacity of the battery has reduced so low that it is providing very little power as a backup. If the battery is unable to meet your requirements like before, it is time to change it. In case there is any kind of system malfunction, or your battery fails, replacing it with a new one is the smart thing to do. If you are planning on buying a new solar panel for your house, or if you already have one but without a battery, now is the time to buy a storage battery. In the coming years, the importance of solar battery storage will rise and will be just as common as solar panels. By getting a solar battery, you can help yourself in getting lower bills, as well as Australia in creating a sustainable system.

Many residents of Australia have been considering getting a solar power setup for their households. As of now, roughly 3 million households, that is 30% of the total households in Australia have a storage battery installed with their solar system. By getting a solar panel installed along with the storage battery, you are surely going to make a change. And this will affect not only your but the lives of many others. Make sure you do it the right way!

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