Commercial Solar Power Solutions in Western Australia

Commercial Solar Power Solutions in Western Australia

Commercial solar systems enable businesses to minimize operational costs and recover its initial outlay usually within 2-3 years. After that, the long life of PV systems becomes a lucrative OpEx offset mechanism. Commercial solar power forms a majority portion of our overall Renewable Energy Target (RET). It mainly consists of SMEs, community/distributed solar, and large-scale projects. As per the new report by GTM, third-party ownership in this sector may reach about 78% by 2021.

Over the past 15 years, Regen Power has installed over 15,000 residential PV systems in Australia. This decade of expertise in engineering and design have also enabled us to commission numerous large-scale commercial solar power solutions throughout WA. For our entire commercial portfolio, you may visit this page.

Here is a quick roundup of some of our largest commercial solar power projects:

40kW Bir Enterprises – Technifire

Installed at 62 Mordaunt Circuit Canning Vale, this grid-connected system uses 148 X 270W Canadian panels and two 15kW Symo Fronius inverter. Technifire deals in the manufacture and maintenance of light tankers, fire trailers and other  appliances of DFES (Department of Fire and Emergency Service), local governments and mining firms.

45kW LNS Corp – Kauphy Place

This is a 45kW system composing of 168 x 270W Canadian Panels and Fronius inverters (2x15kW + 1x10kW). Kauphy Place is a very popular café located in Willeton and well-known among the locals.

50kW Illawarra Medical Centre

This project comprises of two solar power systems of 40kW and 10kW installed at the Illawarra medical centre and the pathology building respectively. The system uses 250W Hanwha Panels and SMA Tripower STP10000TL series inverters. Energy assessment by Regen revealed that the medical centre has an average electricity consumption of around 630kWh/day. Detailed case study of this commercial solar power commissioning is available here.

80kW TAN Seafood

Grid connected 80kW system at TAN Seafoods generates, on average, 100MWh of power per year. This correlates to an estimate of 30 tons of carbon dioxide emissions being offset annually. The online monitoring system gives detailed energy generation information of this project.

100kW Fashion Biz

One of our largest commercial solar installation, Fashion Biz, has a 370 x 270W Panel configuration. This 99.8kW system was designed and commissioned by Regen Power with 4x25kW SMA inverters and Canadian panels. Fashion Biz is a large supplier of apparel in the Australian market. The PV system was installed in their warehouse at Gnangara. With a payback period of 3 years, the system utilizes an in-house designed Zero Export Control system.


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