Great minds map out the state’s future – West Aussie of the year have their say

prof nayar

Excerpts from the article published in The West Australian on 31/05/2021

What is the one thing WA’s best and brightest would do to improve the State?
A tourist train in the South West? Making it easier to capture and store solar power? Or how about simply convincing West Australians to swap screen time for face time?
Ask five finalists for West Australian of the Year that question and you will get five different answers.
The West Australian asked Murray McHenry, Juli Coffin, Iain Grandage, Chem Nayar, and Sukhjut Khalsa to write about the one thing they would change about WA. Their answers will run each week in the lead up to the WA Day.
Professor Nayar, of Curtin University’s School of electrical engineering, wrote about the potential to allow households to more easily tap into renewable energy.
“A coordinated approach to solar energy generation and battery storage is one way to accomplish this,” he wrote.
“More than 30 percent of households in WA already have solar, and batteries are critical to store our excess solar energy for use at peak times, and to connect Western Australia to a more sustainable energy future.
“While we have a lot of work to do in renewable energy generation and storage, WA can be proud of how far we’ve come in a short space of time.”

Click here to read the full article published in The West Australian on 31/05/2021

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