100% Renewables Commitment of Sungrow Inverters

sungrow inverters

Sungrow is one of the largest manufacturer and exporter (to over 60 countries) of solar PV inverters. They have over 100 GW of inverter installations worldwide and 30% market share in south-east Asia. Due to their reliability and competitive pricing, they are very popular in Australia and Europe as well. These large figures means that the company itself has a high demand in energy for production and day-to-day operational activities. The company has already made efforts towards this as part of its corporate social responsibility. As of last month, they joined the RE100, a group of companies focused towards 100% sustainable energy usage. Sungrow expects to achieve this milestone by 2028. RE100 includes some of the biggest private entities like Ikea, Tesla, Google and Apple.

As of 2018, the total power demand for Sungrow factories was about 32 GW. Out of this, about 13% is met through the currently installed roof-top solar systems on their factory roofs. Though, the company has implemented some small-scale measures like electric buses for employee transit, installation of more rooftop solar systems would be crucial for meeting their 100% renewables target. This should also be able to keep up with their annual growth and production rate (over 87.5% shipment increase in 2019 – 8.1 GW in China and 9 GW international). Another Chinese manufacturer, Longi, is also expected to soon join the RE100. Since the cancellation of Intersolar Europe 2020, Sungrow is hosting their own virtual event for product showcases and launches. More information and registration forms are available here.

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