Tips for getting the best solar quotes in Perth

solar quotes in Perth

Comparing solar quotes in Perth is an important step in the journey to enhance the value of a home with solar panels. Several homeowners compare three to four solar quotes ahead of moving to solar. However, evaluating multiple solar quotes in Perth enable homeowners to scope their budget and choose a contractor with competitive pricing.

There might be many professional companies and thousands of very small companies operating from Western Australia. Make sure that, they have been installing solar in your locality for quite a long time. This is ideally to understand you have a reliable & bankable installer.

Go For Competitive Solar Quotes

Some installers focus only on the solar panel installation, while others include components like racking systems, inverters, wiring with solar panels. Once you have received quotes from 3 or 4 installers, make sure that quotes are transparent and detailed. Every detail of the project should be noted, including the cost of materials, start and finish dates, and hourly rate. Also, a solar quote must include factors like disposal/dumpsters for cases of re-roofing, work permits, or labor charges. If a contractor fails to properly itemize the quote, feel free to ask for a revised quote before finalizing the contract.

Whatever it is that you’re hoping to gain by going solar, watch out for companies providing cheap quotes without assessing your property. In contrast, professional installers will evaluate your property, understand your needs, and provide the best quote. Some companies might offer an additional guarantee for product failures, defects, or power production of the panel.

How Confident Am I That The Installer Will Honor Its Commitment Over 25 Years?

This is the big question. The reason is, it looks attractive to a homeowner. However, the 25-year solar panel warranty is entirely independent of an installation warranty. A contractor’s history, fiscal health, and future plans have nothing to do with the equipment warranties.

Certainly, a good solar installation is important for long-term benefits. But, most solar projects in Australia have been abandoned over a workmanship warranty and are unable to find a contractor to fix their problems. Hence, the true value of workmanship warranty is contractor integrity and their possibility to remain in business to honor its commitment without heading off to fairytale land.

Check Average Installation Cost In Your Area

In the residential solar industry, in-home and high-pressure sales tactics are the norms. If you’re armed with the right information, you can use the best tactics and get an excellent deal. This includes being familiar with three main categories of solar panels – Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 solar panels. Whatever your choice is, you should consider the best warranty solar panels that suit your scope and budget.

Additionally, you can take the help of Google reviews and productreview.com reviews to compare reviews before purchasing any solar system. These reviews will help you make better decisions.

Whether you want solar panels without battery backup will typically be based on your convenience. Nowadays hybrid systems including a battery backup have become popular and are the cheapest to install. So, an average 6.6kW system will cost between A$4000 to A$5500, not including battery storage. Adding a battery would cost another A$12,000.

Undeniably, the installation price will vary based on the brand of battery and how many batteries you install. If you want to leverage maximum benefits, know the average cost of solar panels and installation in your area.

Hire Professional Installer In Your Area

With the boom in residential solar installations, CHOICE Help reported that around 116% of members lack guidance for solar investment problems.

As per Australian Consumer Law, you should know your rights. And, talk to industry leaders to know how to buy a quality solar PV system at a competitive price. When you’re buying and installing solar panels, ensure that components of the system are specified by make, size, and model, and are CEC (Clean Energy Council) approved.

The CEC lists more than 8000 accredited solar installers around Australia. It also lists the categories of accreditation from design-only to installing solar and storage. Also, CEC implements strict regulations to have a full CEC license to ensure a high standard of work. By choosing an accredited CEC license installer, you will feel confident that their systems are safely installed by a licensed professional.

In Australia, solar power companies are mandated to employ a licensed electrician to properly install solar PV systems, alter, and repair solar panels, batteries, and inverters.

In addition, choosing an ISO-certified company is equally important. The benefits of such a company include

  • Qualified & trained technicians
  • Understanding customer needs
  • Meet and exceed customer concerns
  • Manage customer relationships
  • Constantly assess and improve customer satisfaction

Why Regen Power?

To ensure smooth progress throughout the installation process, reach out to the Regen Power team. The company has nearly two decades of experience in solar power system installation. This means Regen Power has installed over 30,000 residential rooftop solar systems across Australia. With a team of certified & licensed electricians, Regen Power assures to provide suitable solar quotes in Perth, design and install solar and storage systems.

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