Energy Innovator Awards 2019

Rising Stars Award 2019

Amidst global warming and climate change, energy sector has become crucial and a rapidly evolving industry. The Energy Innovator Awards is an initiative by the Corporate Vision (CV) magazine that showcases its importance and value of the sector. It highlights companies and firms that push the boundaries in global energy generation, distribution and accessibility. This year’s winners includes players in the engineering and manufacturing, and suppliers of renewable energy solutions. A more detailed look into their selection, shortlist and awards process may be found here. Some of the winners in 2019 include:

Rejoose (Europe) | Best Energy and Environmental documentation Software – A SaaS (software as Service) firm that focuses on reducing the carbon footprint and energy consumption of large-scale IT installations. In EU, the growing IT sector is expected to consume nearly 20% of the total energy production by 2030. Rejoose provides state-of-art energy reporting and monitoring tools to calculate “savings on lighting, cooling, UPS and other IT systems”.

LiiON (United States) | Best Stored Energy Technology Consultancy – battery storage system is the next frontier for renewable energy. With over 35 years of experience, LiiON supplies scalable distributed stored energy solutions, and software architecture for stored energy management.

Ergosun (Canada) | Most Pioneering Solar Tile Manufacturer – Solar tiles provides an aesthetic alternative to solar panels for homeowners. It helps in increasing the adoption rate of residential solar panel systems by blending technology with architecture. Ergosun is a provider of one of the most efficient and affordable solarized concrete roof tiles that can generate up to 15W and provide better energy generation under low light conditions.

Regen Power (Western Australia) | Best for Residential Solar systems – With a 50% increase in installation over the last three years, Regen Power, is one of the oldest solar installers (established in 2003) in Western Australia. The portfolio covers not just residential arena, but also international large-scale solar power  – hybrid systems, and applied research. Recently, Regen became an accredited Tesla partner.

Compare & Connect (Victoria) | best utility comparison service – Founded in 2014, the firm offers a comprehensive comparison toolkit for their clients to compare the utility providers in Australia. This includes, electricity, gas, phone, DSL etc. The service is 100% onshore.

ESB (Ireland and UK) – Leading Pioneers in low carbon energy – One of the oldest Irish energy companies. They deal in generation, transmission and distribution of low carbon energy, and infrastructure for electrification of transport systems.

For a full list of winners and award categories, refer to the latest issue of CV magazine here.

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