Potential for Clean Energy Jobs amidst Economic Slowdown

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So far, the year 2020 has been arduous for the Australian economy. Events like Black Summer Bushfires and the Covid-19 pandemic also had a high toll on job market. A map to green and sustainable economic recovery becomes crucial at these times. New modelling by Accenture’s Alphabeta finds that a blueprint for economic recovery can be found in the Australian renewable energy sector. The model forecasts over 76,000 clean energy jobs over the next three years. Such a blueprint can also  save us from the repercussions of the next major global issue – climate change!

The research, supported by the Climate Council, provides an in-depth look into the job creation potential of the clean energy industry. The model estimates a total of 15,000 job opportunities for the utility-scale sector – involves construction and commissioning of solar and wind farms, and  power transmission infrastructure. Another 12,500 in the ecosystem restoration sector, and 12,000 in transportation. Finally, over 37,000 combined  jobs in the organic waste management, energy storage and green spaces. Residential clean energy jobs, mainly solar, is forecasted to be around 7000 in the next three years. These jobs will primarily involve 70% construction and administration, with over a third requiring minimal professional training. Furthermore, over 42% of these new jobs can be in the severely affected and vulnerable regional areas.

clean energy jobs climate council australia source: Climate Council

On a state level, WA and QLD can see upto 2,000 and 5,000 new jobs respectively in the ecosystem restoration and revegetation. South Australia and Victoria can see 8,000 and 2,200 clean energy jobs respectively in the public and active transportation. A study of the Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) near Dubbo, NSW shows how an area with exceptional natural resources is being developed as a hub for multiple solar and wind farms. This can bring over 600 jobs in the region and bolster the local economy. The full case study can be seen here. As summarized by the Climate Council, the Clean Jobs Plan aims to address the long-term economic trend by putting Australians to work and grow the domestic industries.

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