Solar and Batteries are essential during times of crisis

solar panel

As the world is fighting Corona Virus, the safest place for everyone to be is at home. Since most of the people are at home, there will be more energy consumption than before. The grid will be overloaded and could result in blackouts. Meanwhile, bush fires are expected which will make the situation all the more difficult. Controlling one’s home energy is the need of the hour.

The Australian Government and state and territory governments are working together to manage the Covid impacts on the energy sector. The National Cabinet agreed on a consistent approach to hardship support across essential services for households and small businesses. Protections for households and small businesses during COVID-19 have been extended to 31 March 2021. The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has set reasonable expectations for energy companies.

A solar system with Battery

Solar installation and solar storage batteries provide both financial and emotional peace of mind. With energy bills hiking every year, the utility rate structures have become quite unreliable.   A cost-effective, flexible, environmentally friendly, and reliable home energy storage option for homeowners is to pair a solar energy system with a home battery. Instead of charging your battery from the grid, linking solar panels to batteries allows you to generate and store electricity for free.

Homes with solar plus storage systems can continue to generate and store power when the electrical grid is down. Combining a battery storage product with a solar array allows one to run their home on backup power indefinitely, like a gas-powered generator but without the fuel costs, noise, and pollution. It is ideal to go for the best solar package for one’s home.

Limit person-person contact

COVID-19 is a new and unique challenge, and while going solar now, one has to go for a solar company that invests in technology to limit person-person contact. Following covid guidelines, many solar companies conduct virtual home consultations for customers utilizing video-conferencing technology and Docusign electronic signature tools. We invest in technology to streamline the solar system installation processes. We provide online permitting and interconnection in many locations, as well as utilizing drone technology to complete rooftop surveys where possible

Going solar with Regen Power Pty Ltd involves much less contact and time as much of their work from surveying rooftops, to permitting, to installation, happens behind the scenes.

Once decided to proceed with a solar installation, the next relevant question is whom to approach. It is difficult to choose from the umpteen solar panel companies, out of which most of them won’t even stand the test of time. It is always better to go for a company that has strong roots and a presence in your area.

On the contrary Regen Power Pty. Ltd, providing renewable energy products and services to residential, commercial, and off-grid mining and remote community markets has been operating for the last 17 years.

Regen has supplied and installed renewable systems for some mining giants like Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, BC Iron.  They have done more than 25,000 residential, commercial and off-grid solar installations around Australia. Regen offers transparent, upfront pricing. Their services include Business Energy Audit, Project Consultation, Feasibility Study and Analysis, Engineering and Design, Installation, and commission. Various awards won by Regen Power for sustainable development and product development. These recognitions vouches for its existence as a reputable brand in the solar power business.

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