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roberto imports solar system

100 kW Commercial Rooftop Solar Installed in Canning Vale, Western Australia

Regen Power completed the last year with one of its largest installations Western Australia.  The 100 kW installation was at Roberto Fine Foods, Canning Vale (headquarters […]

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share of renewables in Australia NEM 2018

Australia Electricity Market (NEM) Q4 2018 – Share of Renewables

In the previous article, we analyzed the demand pattern and wholesale market prices in the National Energy Market (NEM) during Q4 2018. Next, we will take […]

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Australia NEM -Q4 2018

Australia Electricity Market (NEM) Q4 2018 – Demand & Wholesale Price

The electricity market of Australia is constantly shifting since the beginning of solar revolution. The contribution of renewables, peak demand, are now changing quarterly due to shifts […]

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solar space farm china

Solar Space Farm – Building a PV Array in Geosynchronous Orbit

Solar energy uptake is seeing a large surge throughout the world – mainly in US, Australia and China. PV panels are pushing technological boundaries to achieve higher […]

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