Why 6.6kW Solar system is More Popular In Australia?

6.6 solar system

With various solar power systems sizes, a 6.6 kW solar system is the most common solar system installed by Australian homeowners. The 6.6kW solar system offers greater capacity and makes battery storage or battery backup systems more feasible. A few years ago, 3 kW, 5 kW solar systems were popular. However, the cost of solar power systems keeps reducing, making the bigger system more affordable. With that being said, a 6.6 kW solar system is a great size for anyone thinking about adding a battery. We provide more information below to help you understand if a 6.6 kW solar system is suitable for your needs.

6.6 kW solar system, 5 kW inverter, and 10 kWh battery combination

A 6.6 kW solar system is the best fit for medium or large families. With plenty of brands in the Australian market offering the best solar packages, look for panels that offer high efficiency and a 25-year warranty. An average household consumes around 20 kW/h per day. A 6 kW solar system produces from 17 to 27 kW/h of electricity. Thus, you can potentially increase your savings.

Inverter size is measured in kilowatts (kW). The maximum output of the inverter must be equal to or greater than 75% of the solar panel array maximum output. Therefore, a 5 kW inverter is an ideal choice as it allows ‘oversizing’ by 133% to match the 6.6 kW solar power system. A 6.6 kW solar system, 5 kW inverter, and 10 kWh battery combination have become popular due to the following reasons.

  • Advanced lithium-ion battery
  • Offers greater capacity
  • Fast charging
  • Never-ending discharge power
  • Keep your solar system functioning during a power outage
  • Use the stored energy to power your home

6.6 kW solar system price in Australia 2022

Installing solar is a smart way to reduce your energy costs and lead a more sustainable life. Certainly, the brand and place where you live can have an impact on panels’ efficiency. For instance, Solarhart, Australia’s trusted name in solar for over 65 years, offers a 25-year product warranty, so you can be sure of worry-free, trouble-free energy for years to come.

Another brand designed in Germany is made to withstand the Australian climate ensures a low rate of panel degradation, which means you enjoy energy freely from the sun, for years to come.

By this, we can understand that the pricing of rooftop solar packages varies according to the brand, quality of components, the state or territory in which it’s installed, and the exact configuration of the system you would like to buy. A good quality 6.6kW solar power system is an investment of around $5,500-$10,000, including installation. Below table shows the best solar packages in different cities of Australia :

6.6kW Solar System Price in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.
Adelaide $6,782
Brisbane $6,848
Melbourne $6,849
Perth $6,584
Sydney $6,650

How much energy will a 6.6 kW solar system produce in Australia 

About 26.4 kWh.

Ideally, 1kW of solar panels = 4kWh of electricity produced per day. Therefore, each kW of solar panels can generate electricity of about 4kWh per day. So, a 6.6kW solar system will generate about 26.4kWh on a good sunshine day. You can enjoy ample solar power.

A 6.6 kW solar system is made up of anywhere between 17 to 24 solar panels. The number of panels on your 6.6 kW solar varies based on how efficient the panels are. For instance, if you choose 20x330W panels or 24x275W panels, the result is a 6600 kW (6.6kW) system and both are highly efficient. 370W and 450W panels are also available in the Australian market, so you can reduce the number of panels on your roof.

With 6.6kW solar panels, almost all your energy needs are covered. Production varies depending on where you live. The table below shows the average system output from 6.6 kW rooftop solar package –

Adelaide 27.7kWh
Brisbane 27.7kWh
Melbourne 23.8kWh
Perth 29.0kWh
Sydney 25.7kWh

Is a 6 kW solar power system is enough for your needs?

The 6 and 6.6 kW are the best solar packages offered by many manufacturers in Australia. Though 5 kW was the preferred option, 6 kW is a good size for most homes. It is a wise choice for medium to large families. The real benefit of this rooftop solar package is when you take full advantage of a larger system. Like, adding a battery and inverters to store a huge amount of generated power and always remain off-grid.

To maximize the amount of sunlight that falls on panels, expert installers consider factors like roof space and orientation.

The availability of roof space might reduce because of heavily shaded sections or unusual pitch. An installer will work out the best orientation for your panels to produce more energy to meet your needs. Don’t be despair if your available roof space is less. Installers can make it happen to produce about 80% of their rated power.

Why Choose Regen Power For 6.6kw Solar Panel Installation?

It is not always easy to buy a rooftop solar panel. Most homeowners will not know how to calculate the capacity and which brand is the right fit for their needs. With different rooftop solar packages, you might go with advertisements that show a lower cost 6.6kW system. But, expect low-quality panels.

Our solar system professionals guide you to choose the system and company that offers the best solar packages, which comply with all CEC regulations. This is very important so that you can qualify for federal and state-level solar rebates or similar financial incentives.

Regen Power has years of experience in assisting homeowners to buy quality 6.6kW solar panels that have product warranty and workmanship warranty. You won’t regret hiring us to get a home solar energy system and installation services.

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