Commercial solar panels Installation in Perth

solar panels Installation Perth

The dramatic increase in electricity prices, falling solar panel prices, and continuing Government incentives have made commercial solar panel installations more viable in terms of low prices and high yields. Any company’s bottom line has the potential to grow through lower power bills.  Commercial solar installation is the best way to improve the sustainability and profitability of one’s business.

There are different types of commercial solar projects, including rooftop, ground-mount, carport, Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV). Firstly, any customer exploring commercial solar panels in Perth has to contact an experienced installer. They examine the roof suitability, return on investment rate, and connection to the grid issues.

Most solar companies offer 100% guaranteed cash flow positive investments for commercial solar installations. Though solar has taken off well in the residential marketplace, the uptake in the commercial sector has been slow. This can be mainly due to a lack of understanding and expertise on how commercial solar PV can work for businesses.

Advantages of Commercial solar system

Commercial solar panels are the best alternative way for businesses to manage their energy consumption and expenses. Some of its advantages are:

Financial Stability and Cost Control

Commercial solar power protects the business from the increasing electricity prices as well as the seasonal swings in utility rates due to high consumption.

As solar power is 100% renewable it reduces the dependence on the grid. As a result, it provides more control and stability over energy costs.

Low operation and Maintenance

Compared to other power generation methods, O&M expenses of solar-powered systems are generally low. Though individual solar cells are fragile, they are encased in a highly tempered and protective glass case, which makes them extremely durable.

Corporate Green Image

Certainly, going Solar shows a commitment to environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility which gives an image boost to any business.

  • It aids in meeting the renewable energy targets of Australia.
  • It adds to the stability of Australia’s power supply by supporting the demand on the network during peak hours of the day. Hence, the cost of power will also be secured.
  • Boosts the Australian Job Market by creating more than 10,000 jobs.

Solar Energy Systems for Small Commercial Businesses

Commercial solar installation requires proper planning to ensure a smooth installation process. One of the first steps toward a successful commercial solar project is a site assessment to evaluate and measure the site carefully. This process will evaluate the property for shade analysis, structural evaluations, and topographical and geological surveys.

They will ensure the legal right to build a solar energy system on the property and determine where the new system will connect to into the power grid when completed. Based on the assessment, conceptual ideas and initial plans are formalized. Early Design Drawings show where the solar panels for business will be placed once construction begins.

Permit Drawings help to obtain various building permits.  Once the permit is obtained Construction Drawings will be completed. They are the blueprints for all commercial solar installation work to follow. Construction can take as little as 5 weeks for simple installations and up to several weeks for more complex projects. It is very essential to pick a reputable and experienced installer.

After construction, the final step is commissioning. The Utility grants permission to connect and operate the solar energy system with the local power grid. It is recommended to select a solar design and installation team with proven O&M resources and a reputation for excellence in long-term support.

Why should a company use solar energy?

Going solar helps a company to cut down overhead business costs. An average business reduces its electrical overhead by three-quarters by investing in commercial solar panels. When a company decides to go solar; it is a lifetime investment for the enterprise. Commercial solar panels can deliver long-term returns for the company. It can also reduce the dependence on local power companies.

Commercial solar panels reduce environmental degradation by decreasing the carbon footprint. Corporate social responsibility and sustainability are important aspects of any business.

Small business solar systems should use solar energy because it is a great way of marketing. Potential customers will go for a company that demonstrates dedication to sustainability. Therefore, the company will get brand value as well as energy saving.

The purchase of commercial solar panels is made much easier for businesses by various financial incentives put forth by Federal and state governments.  Depending on the size of the project, the government supplies Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) or Large-Scale Generation Certificates (LGCs).

Commercial solar panel installers in Perth

Perth is one of the best cities in Australia for installing solar power systems, both for commercial and residential properties. Choosing the best solar installer in Perth from the umpteen solar companies can be difficult.

Commercial solar panels in Perth

Some of the competitive solar solution Providers in Perth are:

Future solar WA

Future solar WA provides residential as well as commercial solar solutions across Western Australia and is one of the Best Solar Energy Solution providers in Perth. They provide the world’s leading brands with more than competitive prices, quality components, and experienced and professional installation teams.

Clean NRG Solar Energy

Clean NRG Solar is Perth’s leading energy production shop for homes and businesses. They provide a full design, sales and installation service for Solar Panels, Solar Battery Storage, Solar Hot Water, Solar Roof Ventilation, Solar Pool Heating with lots of variety which reduces your energy cost.

DNX Energy – Solar Power Perth

It offers solar solutions for businesses in Perth. They provide honest advice, fast and reliable service and customized solar solutions for everyone.

Solar WA

The main focus of Solar WA is solar panels, solar storage systems, solar system engineering design, utility approval, solar installation service for both residential customers and commercial businesses.

Regen Power

With over 30,000 client base, Regen Power is one of the best sellers in residential and commercial solar power system and solar panel solutions.

Regen Power commercial solar installations 

Commercial solar panels are worth investment for any kind of business. Above all, it redirects electricity bills to business growth and sustainability. The positive cash flow, lucrative incentives that the business receives, the high return on investment, and short payback periods are the few benefits of commercial solar installation.

is Commercial Solar Panel a good investment?

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