Matt Kean to forestall climate changes

Matt Kean to forestall climate changes

New South Wales Energy Minister Matt Kean states that those who hamper the global transition from fossil fuels are actually standing in the way of the […]

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Whole of System Plan to transform WA’s energy landscape

The Western Australian energy sector is undergoing an unprecedented change. Energy Transformation Taskforce has developed a Whole of System Plan for the South West Interconnected System. […]

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western australia renewable energy hub

Western Australia Renewable Energy Hub – Expanded to 26 GW

Recently, we reported on the 15 GW Asian Renewable Energy hub in Pilbara, Western Australia. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommended this project in May 2020. As […]

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solar electricity IEA 2020

Solar Electricity is the King- World Energy Outlook 2020

The annual World Energy Outlook has been released for 2020 by the International Energy Agency (IEA). The IEA highlights how the Covid-19 pandemic has shocked the […]

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solar windows using perovskite solar cells

A Look Through the Solar Windows and Perovskite Solar Cells

Despite the current efforts, climate change is inevitable and irreversible at the current pace of human development. United Nation foresee circular economy – “an economy in which […]

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Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme

WA Government launches Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme

The West Australian  Government announced on 31 August 2020 that the existing Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme (REBS) will be replaced by the Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme […]

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floating solar tengeh reservoir

60 MW Floating Solar on the Tengeh Reservoir

Conventional renewable energy farms like solar and wind need space – a lot of it. This important factor places a bottleneck on the green energy ambitions […]

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Solar Panel Recycling

NSW Grants to Increase Solar Panel Recycling and Reuse

The good news is that  NSW Grants to Increase Solar Panel Recycling, high value mixed metal dust annually, with plans to increase their facilities, and intake […]

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low energy light

Low Energy Light Can Increase Efficiency of Solar Cells

At present, most of the commercially available single-sided solar cells can convert sunlight to energy at an average efficiency of around 21%. This is very low. […]

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australia environment

Potential for Clean Energy Jobs amidst Economic Slowdown

So far, the year 2020 has been arduous for the Australian economy. Events like Black Summer Bushfires and the Covid-19 pandemic also had a high toll […]

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Jinko Tiger Pro Series

Jinko Solar New Solar Cell Record and Tiger Pro Series

Jinko Solar is one of the largest solar cell manufacturers globally. They serve over 100 countries and possesses a vertically integrated solar product chain with an […]

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sungrow inverters

100% Renewables Commitment of Sungrow Inverters

Sungrow is one of the largest manufacturer and exporter (to over 60 countries) of solar PV inverters. They have over 100 GW of inverter installations worldwide […]

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minimum standards for solar pv, battery storage

Standards for Solar PV, Battery Storage & Electric Vehicles

The uptake of rooftop solar systems, battery storage and electric vehicles continues to rise in Australia. The country is expected to connect about 12 GW of […]

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renewable energy hub

15 GW Renewable Energy Hub in Pilbara, WA

There are a large number of ongoing high capacity wind energy and solar-PV projects in Australia. As reported previously, the Asian Renewable Energy Hub is such […]

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coronavirus precautions - on the day of solar panel installation

Coronavirus Precautions – On the Day of Solar Panel Installation

In line with current World Health Organisation and government recommendations surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak, REGEN POWER is taking some basic precautions to protect our customers and […]

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500w rooftop solar panel

500W Rooftop Solar panels with 21% Max Efficiency

Solar Panel modules with a capacity of above 300W are fairly common in the industry today. They are economic and efficient for both residential and commercial […]

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