Ongoing Renewable Energy Projects of ARENA Australia – October 2019

When the term renewable energy projects come up, nowadays, in Australia at least, it is synonymous with solar. However, it might be surprising to know that, […]

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regen power solar installer awards over the years

Regen Power Solar Industry Awards – From 2010 to 2019

Established in 2003, Regen Power has completed more than 20,000 residential installations in Perth and Brisbane. Regen’s contribution was instrumental in commercializing the renewable energy power […]

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solar garbage bins in shelley beach sydney

Sydney Uses Smart Solar Garbage Bins

Australia has a very active tourism industry attracting millions annually. Tourism, lifestyle and other economic activities generate about 48 million tons of solid waste every year. […]

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Victoria solar rebates scheme

The Status of Victoria Solar Rebates Scheme

Towards the end of August 2019, the Labor government increased the number of solar rebates in Victoria by three times. This was in response to criticism […]

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horns rev 3 - largest offshore wind farm scandinavia

Horns Rev 3 – The Largest Offshore Wind Farm in Scandinavia

The renewable energy uptake surge is not exclusive to Australia. Even western European countries and Scandinavia invests heavily in solar and wind power farms. The former […]

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Australia National Electricity Market Update 2019

Australia National Electricity Market Update (NEM) – Q2 2019

From local weather to electricity generation of national electricity market (NEM), the second quarter of 2019 brought in some “different-than-usual” changes. The climate was warmer than the […]

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Western Australia’s Electricity Market Summary – Q2 2019

The second quarter of 2019 saw an average increase in power generation from wind and large-scale solar by 90MW and 10.9MW respectively. The coal power production […]

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The Largest Wind Power Farm in Africa

The Largest Wind Power Farm in Africa

The stigma that alternate energy is only possible for first-world countries is changing rapidly. As of 2019, most developing and under developed nations have set some type of […]

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Hydrogen Powered Home in Western Australia Through Solar and Battery

At this point of time, there exists a spectrum when it comes to possible renewable energy options available to us. Many are in early stages of […]

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Powering Singapore through Australia - The Sun Cable Project

Powering Singapore through Australia – The Sun Cable Project

As of 2019, the share of Australia’s renewables is increasing mainly due to the consistent uptake of solar power in the residential and commercial sector. This […]

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vietnam government solar farm at Gio Linh, Gio Thanh Dist

List of Tier-1 Solar Panels July 2019

Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) tracks the “bankability” of solar panel manufacturers through their tier-1 panel lists. It started as a rating system to measure the credit […]

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gannawarra largest solar and battery storage plant in australia

Largest Solar and Battery Storage Plant in Australia

The rank of the “largest solar farm” in Australia keeps on changing due to accelerated uptake of solar Pv technology in the commercial and utility-scale level. […]

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Canadian bifacial panels

1.8 GW Canadian Bifacial Solar Panel Procurement

Solar panel technology is constantly evolving since it penetrated the consumer electronics domain in the past 5 years. One of the prominent innovations that is picking […]

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intersolar awards 2019

Intersolar Awards 2019 – Finalists and Winners in Solar Technology

In the world of  consumer technology, there are annual exhibitions targeted to bring together the stakeholders of a particular classification, like Mobile World COngress for handheld […]

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commercial solar installers australia

One of The Best Commercial Solar Installers Australia – A 16 Year Legacy

Established in 2003, Regen Power is a renowned Western Australian company for pioneering innovations in field of solar, wind and offgrid power systems. This 16 year […]

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south australia electricity prices below zero April 30-2019

Renewables Drops South Australia Electricity Prices Below Zero

The state of South Australia has one of the fastest adoption of renewables – wind and solar – after Queensland and NSW. The consistency of these […]

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